200 Top Tweets from #NSA12

NSA Convention
The annual National Speakers Association Convention was held July 14 – 17, 2012 at the JW Marriott Hotel, Indianapolis. I was not able to attend this year’s event, but took the opportunity to follow along on Twitter.

Over 1,000 professional speakers met for the four days and attended a series of main stage keynotes, break out sessions and informal workshops

893 attendees generated over 6,000 tweets (compared to 4,300 back in 2010) under the hashtag #NSA12.

Twitter is ephemeral. It only maintains 10-14 days of content, so this information will soon disappear. It’s with deep gratitude to all the attendees who posted their messages that this content has been made available worldwide on Twitter. Thanks!

Building on an idea of listing of “top tweets” I’ve experimented with at other conferences, I’ve curated a list of 200 tweets I found most content-rich, interesting or offbeat (who would’ve expected the shoe shine service at the hotel to tweet? See #64); adding links where appropriate for easy reference; consolidating others. Removing the re-tweets (RT’s) alone reduced the number of total tweets by 37%. The list below is in alphabetical order – no judgment is implied by being #1, #10 or #110.

Click to enlarge – Image by Wordle.

I feel that this summary listing demonstrates the power of social media to capture elements of an event that would otherwise have been missed. In fact, there were a number of us following the event ‘virtually’ on Twitter and Facebook from London, Scotland and California.

Please share your own experiences of the event in the blog comments (or on Twitter!). I apologize in advance if I omitted your favorite tweet – feel free to add it to the comments below.

  1. @VerniceArmour: 12% decline in NSA membership over last year. Stay strong and stay in he network. We can grow together!
  2. @LarryChiang: 200 of the fortune 500 won’t be Fortune 500 inside of 10 years. @loiscreamer
  3. @thomsinger: 2012 National Speakers Association “Learning Lounge” Agenda… Still need some room host volunteers.
  4. @allankarl: 3 ways SlideShare helped me grow as a speaker
  5. @hduckworth: 3,000 books released into the market each day. How will yours compete? @clintgreenleaf
  6. @dnewman: 47% of LinkedIn users are decision makers. Avg income $106k. @linkedinexpert
  7. @allankarl: 5 x 1 principle for each tweet promoting yourself tweet and promote 5 others @jaybaer
  8. @allankarl: 800 left turns at Indy 500 not a political statement from a red state Indianapolis.
  9. @allankarl: 90% think they’re more intelligent yet only 39% think they’re fascinating-why? learn how to be un-boring @SallyHogshead
  10. @allankarl: 9am best time to post to Facebook and photos get most views. People want to see pics @JeffreyHayzlett
  11. @patrickleroux: A common dominator from the speakers on the million dollar group panel was that they are all niche with a particular industry.
  12. @Toni_Newman: A metaphor creates a movie in the mind of your audience. Storytellers PEG.
  13. @Toni_Newman: A pink towel on the table when you are recording a video will make you look better! @GinaCarr Who Knew???
  14. @dougdevitre: A value proposition is something you do based on the other persons perspective. via @jillkonrath – Brilliant!
  15. @impromptuguru: About to work on a Findability Action Plan focusing on business’ SEO “findability”.
  16. @PatrickMaurer: @AllisonMassari is such a great storyteller. Youth are entranced. You can hear a pin drop [Picture]
  17. @JeffreyHayzlett: All I have is a horse. RT @dnewman: #nsa12 Chad Hymas has a bus and Rory Vaden has a bus. Holy smokes – I need a bus!!
  18. @CoachSeanC: All info ever known will be Online free in next decade. Still think you’re in the content biz? @workforcetrends
  19. @alisonrbcm: Already been impacted by tweets from #nsa12 and have set up an Ah ha board on pinterest thanks @coachseanc
  20. @ActivationCoach: Always sell the result, not the service, change or idea. #CraigValentine
  21. @Price_Points: Am I through only one that wasn’t surprised that trust was the least common personality trait at #NSA12?
  22. @mhills: Amen. RT @cheshirelad: @hduckworth Would love to see backchannel on screens. — It’s a 2-edged sword.
  23. @WellConnectLead: Are you off balance on purpose – with a plan and stretching into uncertainty or getting knocked off balance? @DanThurman
  24. @allankarl: Ask instead of tell: How to move from monologue to dialog. One of many messaging tips from @samhornintrigue
  25. @ActivationCoach: Association speaking is the gateway to more corporate bookings. @PamLontos
  26. @allankarl: Assume people are lazy-Give links, use attachments, put your address/phone numbers. Factor convenience in marketing @JeffreyHayzlett
  27. @allankarl: Attitude is the one-percent degree of separation between those who get what they want, those who don’t @rory_vaden
  28. @ActivationCoach: Attn span of ur audience is that of a goldfish, fascinate 2 keep them from swimming away. @sallyhogshead
  29. @jeffllewellyn: Authors, write shorter chapters and tweetable titles to build attention. @jeffreyhayzlett
  30. @WellConnectLead: Average attention span is 9 seconds’ says Sally Hogshead per study by the BBC. She studies fascination.
  31. @allankarl: Average business book sells 7,000 copies. @JeffreyHayzlett
  32. @TerryBrock: Be a speaker critiquer @ChadHymas
  33. @ADreilingPhoto: Be driven by purpose, not process. Lesson learned, wisdom earned.-Steve Gilliland
  34. @TerryBrock: Behave like you are an owner of their company when with the client. Act with urgency.@ChadHymas
  35. @allankarl: Belief is not required to achieve your goal. You need: Clarity. CIP. Profound reason. A coach. Others belief in you @iamjeffbracey
  36. @stevecohncsp: Best sessions and speakers for me at #NSA12: Jeanne Robertson, @TerryBrock, @SteveGilliland, @ToniNewman,@AlanBerg.
  37. @WellConnectLead: Book is catalyst and front loaded project. It is messenger for our message – use to build visibility & find opptys. @SamHornIntrigue
  38. @allankarl: “Brace Yourself” sounds like Irish foreplay, Dale Irvin tells us @iamkevinbracy
  39. @dnewman: Calling all women speakers – please lose the funny hats. @pfripp owns that and all you do is remind me of her.
  40. @WellConnectLead: Capitalize on what’s current – make it joyous and juicy – and that will be what makes you stand out. #nsa12 @SamHornIntrigue
  41. @DonCooper: Cavett Award presented to Stephen Tweed!
  42. @ButterflyHerder: CLEVER idea fr @JeffreyHayzlett – Chapter titles are no more than 140 characters. Why? They’re perfectly tweetable phrases! LOVE it!
  43. @CareyLohrenz: Content is valuable, but it is NOT everything – @JeffJarvis
  44. @WellConnectLead: Create a theater of the mind for your listeners – help them see, taste, experience what you are speaking about. Tim Gard
  45. @dnewman: Day 1 nuggets: in marketing, email is never enough. Reach ppl via channels they prefer. Not what you prefer.
  46. @dnewman: Day 1 nuggets: There is such a thing as too much prep, staging, mechanics in a speech. Let loose to go faster.
  47. @GinaCarr: Demos cool tools for video: Sanyo xacti camera with external mic. @terrybrock [Picture]
  48. @Price_Points: Did anyone get the license of that truck that hit me last night? oh wait. Nevermind. It was Cigar Peg.
  49. @hduckworth: Did you know 42% of college grads never read a book after college. @clintgreenleaf
  50. @WellConnectLead: Don’t speak every point at the same pitch & energy level. If every picture in a gallery was bright red we would leave in 90 seconds.
  51. @hduckworth: Don’t think the work is done when you finish writing your book. You still have 90% of the work to do. @clintgreenleaf
  52. @JezebelSinfell: Drinking with this group is what drinking with Don and Roger from Mad Men must be like.
  53. @hduckworth: Ebook sales grew 330% last year @clintgreenleaf
  54. @ActivationCoach: Eloquence is a way of living, not just speaking. @GlennaSalsbury
  55. @WellConnectLead: Embrace who you are and sell that. Don’t change your message, change your audience. True for speakers and everyone in wrong job.
  56. @ErinEWells: Every day you wake up you need to check your passion. It’s your fuel to make a difference. -Steve Gilliland
  57. @PegineMotivateU: Exhausted exhilarated grateful joyous blessed happy honored humble feeling good.
  58. @DonCooper: Expertise is the enemy of innovation. -Stephen Shapiro
  59. @CookseyConnects: Expertise. Eloquence. Enterprise. Ethics. That about sums it up!
  60. @donnacutting: @ExtremeMeetings just led whole audience in a flash mob. Cool.
  61. @Toni_Newman: EyeJot great service for sending video by email. Helps gets video through when firewalls might block video attachments. @TerryBrock
  62. @allankarl: Forget crowds. You don’t want to be ONE of MANY you want to be ONE of a KIND @samhornintrigue – YES!
  63. @TerryBrock: Get your fee, do it for free or flee! @Connie_Podesta
  64. @ShinolaShines: Get your shoes shined for tonight’s reception. 2nd flr. By Starbucks. Don’t be a Mr Bungle!!
  65. @SergioABello: Getting ready for the closing of an amazing convention, I did learn so much I am Overwhelmed.
  66. @WellConnectLead: Great books drive media and that gives you the credibility to get the C-Suite to take your calls to get speaking gigs. Dianna Booher
  67. @patrickleroux: Great content on how to open a speech. @PFripp Don’t start with I, but with YOU instead. Engage the audience right away.
  68. @neenjames: Great ideas for speakers who write: 25 Ways to Create Contagious Content [Infographic]
  69. @dkittleson: Great message from Peter Sheahan. Narrow your focus to do more business
  70. @bizauthor: Here are the slides on #marketing for authors for my presentation to the Writers/Publishers PEG
  71. @cheshirelad: Here’s the full Agenda for #NSA12
  72. @GinaCarr: Hot tips for effective skype presentations: use ethernet connections (not wifi) on both ends. ~ @TerryBrock
  73. @1080Group: Humor, application, and varied pace/rhythm …three marks of expert storytelling (via @GlennaSalsbury)
  74. @PRPRPublicity: Humor, it’s what’s for breakfast! [Picture]
  75. @Miss_Dazey: I am writing a story about Jeanne Robertson, Twitter & #NSA12. Lots to cover, but fun stuff.
  76. @Frontrowgirl: I couldn’t do athletics or academia, those trees have already been peed on! Loved @SallyHogshead
  77. @Price_Points: I hope @houston_nsa doesn’t take my podcast with @ThomSinger on Networking at #NSA12 the wrong way.
  78. @neenjames: I love it when a city is so cool with their social media presence! @lovesellingindy
  79. @RobBogue: I see the tweets, where is the conversation?
  80. @1080Group: “Idea donations” are for charity, not for cheapskates. It’s why I just turned down your invite to speak for free.
  81. @PattiDeNucci: If you are a speaker and not in NSA by next year it will be futile to resist. That’s how awesome we will be. Chapter Leadership mtg
  82. @TerryBrock: If you don’t know what you’re worth, no one else will. @Connie_Podesta
  83. @TerryBrock: If you don’t understand social media–don’t tell people. You look stupid! @Connie_Podesta
  84. @alisonrbcm: If you’re speaking, attending or organising a conference you may like my blog on how to get the most from twitter
  85. @dnewman: Ignore the negative nellies, psychos and backstabbers. Most speakers need therapy. Amen. via @Connie_Podesta
  86. @PatrickMaurer: I’m grateful for the people who book my dad” – great youth response from the youth program to @mikedrobbins
  87. @jeffnisch: Instead of speakers being the content, speakers are accelerators for collaborative conversations creating new thinking. @jeffjarvis
  88. @PegineMotivateU: It is 4am and I am working on my program. No handouts, no PowerPoint, just tellin it like it is. Loving this conference
  89. @ActivationCoach: It is difficult to be creative in isolation. @pfripp
  90. @allankarl: It’s not about spewing content – it’s about getting somewhere @jeffjarvis
  91. @allankarl: It’s not called The New York Times BestWRITING list it’s the BestSELLING list – know how to sell your book! @rory_vaden
  92. @ColorYourEvent: Jeanne Robertson hilarious. Check out her classic routine: Don’t send a man to the grocery store!
  93. @Miss_Dazey: Jeanne Robertson received the NSA “Master of Influence Award” Here is a list of past winners
  94. @allankarl: @JeffreyHayzlett got TUMI client by using twitter and saying nice things . Twitter works!
  95. @MBucaro: Just another fabulous day, drinking from the firehose at #NSA12 Let’s do this!
  96. @mpaynknoper: Just saw video of 1 year-old who sees a magazine as iPad that doesn’t work from Graeme Codrington. Wish every school admin saw it.
  97. @DonnaCardilloRN: Learn as much (sometimes more) in the hallways talking to colleagues as from the presenters at #NSA12
  98. @pamgilchrist: Learn how to capitalize on constant chaos and disruption. Those who bring clarity add the value.
  99. @WellConnectLead: Learning about publishing at #nsa12 – did you know there are over 3000 books published every day? $21M in ebook sales, $336M in print a year
  100. @allankarl: Lecturing is an artifact in the old age of education @jeffjarvis
  101. @mpaynknoper: Life is not about balance, it’s about alignment. Well said, @DanThurmon. And quite amazed to see him do handstand pushups on podium.
  102. @VerniceArmour: Life must be off balance to grow. Are u off balance on purpose? @DanThurmon
  103. @impromptuguru: Like the clever play on words: brandstorming vs brainstorming. Personal Note: Probably best done with others (and with wine).
  104. @EastMentor: LinkedIn is for people you know. Facebook is for people you used to know. Twitter is for people you’d like to know. @dnewman
  105. @TerryBrock: Listening to Rob Friedman of Ely Lilly at Global Speakers Network. Very good speaker w/gr8 info!
  106. @GinaCarr: Look for gr8 markets in search of gr8 speakers. Lots of vertical markets like construction. ~ @Winninger
  107. @MyBizPresence: Loved being able to sit in from home on Ruby’s webinar about webinars. My dream is 1 day this conf will be live streamed.
  108. @teresaduncan: Loved this blog post by @jeffkorhan Read it, loved it, living it! See you in Indy.
  109. @jobsearchjungle: Make your twittermunication a two way dialogue with powerful questions. @jeffjarvis
  110. @ActivationCoach: Movement must match your message-have a purpose. @pfripp
  111. @Mark_Sanborn: Multi-tasking is a myth. @danthurmon
  112. @allankarl: Name video clips after what the content is about – bureau advice to speakers.
  113. @ActivationCoach: Never be the guru of your own story, it lets the audience down. @CraigValentine
  114. @MeetingMaximize: NSA Goers – hotel closet situation [Video].
  115. @missfitts: NSA is like IKEA. They supply the materials, you supply the tools and elbow grease. @SallyHogshead
  116. @PatrickMaurer: NSA youth made over 11,200 meals in less than 3 hours! #service pls RT [Picture]
  117. @DaveLieber: Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Not ‘Telling a Story’ So come to my Monday storytelling talk at #NSA12 Mr. President.
  118. @WellConnectLead: Overheard at #NSA12 – They suggested we find our book titles in nursery rhymes. How about “Mary Had a Little Breakdown”?
  119. @1080Group: Overheard at the bar… “These NSA people… they have BALLS.”
  120. @ActivationCoach: People are crazy busy, at best they look at your email 2.7 secs, subj line and first sentence. @jillkonrath
  121. @hduckworth: Peter Sheahan wins prestigious CPAE from #NSA12 #ASAE Congrats and gratitude for all you share in the world thru the power of spoken word.
  122. @ActivationCoach: @pfripp shares she rehearses on the treadmill to get energy thru her body.
  123. @PatrickMaurer: Please join me in thanking @AllisonMassari @mikedrobbins @DateSafeProject for speaking at the youth event. Great messages!
  124. @jobsearchjungle: Procastination is most expensive cost in corporate america today. @rory_vaden
  125. @donnacutting: Put as much money into your video as you want to earn in a single keynote. @SallyHogshead
  126. @ButterflyHerder: Quick! Read this before heading to the convention! – How to Live-tweet from an Event.
  127. @allankarl: Re: quality of video for speakers (not production value) – you’ve got to hear it-audio quality and content matters most.
  128. @kate_holgate: Really grateful for all the #nsa12 tweets- those of us who aren’t there this year really appreciate it; thanks for keeping us posted!
  129. @GinaCarr: Recommended for video creation: imovie, final cut pro, sony vegas studio, adobe premier. @TerryBrock
  130. @TerryBrock: Reference letter is more important than gold – @ChadHymas
  131. @SpiritOfCavett: Remember there are no BIG SHOTS and NEWBIES. Every person at #NSA12 is brilliant and should be treated as such.
  132. @cheshirelad: Rob Friedman of Eli Lilly rocked the Global Speakers Network. Read his motivational speaking tips.
  133. @WellConnectLead: @Rory_Vaden took 5000 copies of galleys of his book @ $1.34, sent to media/clients etc. Made best seller before book published.
  134. @ButterflyHerder: Sad to hear about Stephen Covey’s passing today. Sending big hugs to his ‘real’ family and also to his ‘speaking’ family here at #NSA12
  135. @salesfoundry: Sally Hogshead tells Natl Speakers Assn Get your F-score
  136. @TerryBrock: Sense of authenticity when using your SmartPhone for video that U don’t get with pro video @SteveSpangler
  137. @ActivationCoach: Sharing your failures is the quickest way to build your speaking biz. @CraigValentine
  138. @clintgreenleaf: Sheahan: This business isn’t about you, it’s about the people who write checks for what you do.
  139. @RonCulberson: So honored to be installed as president if the National Speakers Association today.
  140. @ButterflyHerder: Social media followers like to know you’re “human,” so it’s OK to have semi-personal posts. Give them an inside view of your world.
  141. @GinaCarr: Speak to ONE but look to ALL. (Direct your presentation to a SINGLE person.) ~@CraigProSpeaker
  142. @WellConnectLead: Speakers are not in the content biz, they are in the relationship biz. Speakers are the sparks of new conversation. @jeffjarvis
  143. @dnewman: Speakers: come to grips with this new reality. 1-way show is over. Let the anarchy begin. @jeffjarvis rocks!
  144. @MeetingMaximize: Speakers, test out your material at Speakers Corner. Monday, 3:45pm [Video].
  145. @WellConnectLead: Start by connecting with your audience – take a moment before you jump in to your talk to look people in the eyes. – Max Dixon
  146. @NSASpeaker: Starting in 15 minutes! Learning Lounge: TED-Style Talks, How-To Demos and Roundtable Chats [Agenda].
  147. @martydickinson: Still recovering from Jeanne Robertson’s amazing keynote.
  148. @impromptuguru: Stories are an asset; The most powerful sales tool. @BillWhitley
  149. @VerniceArmour: Stories are your path to Success! @Connie_Podesta
  150. @PowerTraining3: Story telling has 4 crucial elements: scene construction, dialogue, point of view, status details. Dave Lieber the Yankee cowboy!
  151. @neenjames: Suggestion for meeting planners inc Twitter handles on PPT slides,handouts & name badges as requirements.
  152. @yns1: Suzie in the 3rd row doesn’t care about your content or you. She cares about Suzie. Show her how your content is about Suzie.
  153. @KMSchriver: Taking a couple days to work ON the business not IN the business. Great day!
  154. @DonCooper: Technology causes efficiency, not necessarily growth. –Jeff Jarvis
  155. @hduckworth: Thank You @petergsheahan only speaker so far to list his twitter handle from the screen.
  156. @LiveYourBrand: The 7 triggers of fascination are Power, Passion, Mystique, Prestige, Alarm, Rebellion and Trust #SallyHogshead [Screenshot]
  157. @ProSpeakCoach: The ability to systematize is the key to sustainable growth. @prospeakcoach
  158. @CathyPaper: The average business book sells 7000 copies. Jeffrey Hayzlett author of Running the Gauntlet.
  159. @CoachSeanC: The barrier to entry in being seen as an expert is lower than its ever been. @workforcetrends
  160. @DonCooper: The Crowd wants entertainment. The Curious wants information. The Committed wants change. –@Steve Iwersen
  161. @DonCooper: The form of the lecture is kind of ridiculous these days. –Jeff Jarvis
  162. @alisonrbcm: The power of twitter – even from here in Scotland challenged, enlightened and fascinated by what you said at @SallyHogshead
  163. @WellConnectLead: Think about the possible impact of your writing in advance – will it stand up to the test of time?
  164. @AnomalyAtLaw: This year’s NSA convention in Indy was top-notch!! Thanks to all who planned, presented and participated! #NSA12
  165. @WellConnectLead: Thoughtfully target cos you want to work with using salesforce.com, netprospex, Hoovers, LinkedIn @jillkonrath
  166. @jobsearchjungle: Tie blogging and topics to current events to give your platform legs for years. ‘@SamHornIntrigue
  167. @ActivationCoach: Time frame to get attention for your book?….two weeks. @JeffreyHayzlett
  168. @DaveLieber: Time off from my newspaper job begins NOW. Ready for #NSA12 I’ll present “Your Story Blows Me Away.” Video preview.
  169. @sharperlawyer: Tip for speakers “Tell your stories in the present tense.” Dave Lieber.
  170. @donnacutting: To go from a speaker to CEO you must continually live in the 10 years from now. @PegineMotivateU
  171. @teresaduncan: Told by meeting planner that my handling of audience?’s is what sealed my return invite. Most valuable feedback!
  172. @GinaCarr: Too funny: Cavett Robert’s daughter Lee just told the Academy that NSA founder Cavett had extreme stage fright as a child.
  173. @christieturley: Tough times will either make you bitter or better, weaker or stronger. – Steve Gilliland’s Mom
  174. @GinaCarr: Use CamtasiaMac, screenflow, camtasiastudio (window) to record Skype presentations. ~@terrybrock
  175. @ActivationCoach: Use hypnotic language, small tweaks make a big difference. Use you. @pamlontos
  176. @WellConnectLead: Use metaphors and more visual storytelling – when you talk about 18 foot long canoe – show the length on the stage. Max Dixon
  177. @NSAAccelerate: Use this tool to ensure you get a return on attending #nsa12, then join us for the ROA session Sun am w/ @ChrisChange
  178. @TerryBrock: Watch local back channels(Twitter) to learn what audience is saying, even if it is painful @JeffJarvis
  179. @TerryBrock: Watch this funny video -Global Speakers Network-10:00 scheduled meeting-apparently cancelled??
  180. @PatrickMaurer: Watching @AllisonMassari use technology to allow #nsa12 #youth texts ?’s for a great Q&A. Don’t fear cell phones–utilize them!
  181. @allankarl: We are in an age of magnificent disruption. @jeffjarvis
  182. @jeffllewellyn: We spend more time dreading a decision than actually acting on that decision. Find focus for your organization.
  183. @doug_brock: What a great concept: Happiness = Results – Expectations. Heard at #NSA12 applicable everywhere. via @BackFromRed
  184. @WellConnectLead: What if professional speaking (one way) comm were about to be disintermediated (like book pub)? What would you do differently?
  185. @WellConnectLead: What strength do you have that keeps you from developing the skill that you need? Max Dixon
  186. @GinaCarr: When you are crafting your letters/emails/pitches, you need to hear the recipient/audience say “WHO CARES?!” ~ @PamLontos
  187. @WellConnectLead: Who needs a runway – take off from where you are. @VerniceArmour
  188. @MyBizPresence: Winter Conference is in SF?? Hooray!!!
  189. @christinecashen: Wishing there was a Nap Peg @ #NSA12 #tiredpuppy
  190. @hduckworth: Women buy 80% of all books out there. @clintgreenleaf
  191. @DaveLieber: Wonderful Dale Irvin video on cliches.
  192. @allankarl: Work double time part time for full-time free time @rory_vaden
  193. @ActivationCoach: You are paid to deliver your core message you create value by customizing. @pfripp
  194. @MyBizPresence: You don’t become successful without embracing a little scary along the way. — @TerryBrock
  195. @allankarl: You have 3 elements of energy: Your face, your voice, and your body. Is one of them sabotaging your success? (via @ConnieDieken)
  196. @VivianBlade: Your blog is the heart of your social media strategy. @bizauthor
  197. @makingitallfit: Your brain is hard-wired to fascinate and to be fascinated @SallyHogshead
  198. @allankarl: Your materials shouldn’t be five years ago, they should be where you want to be 5 years from now @SallyHogshead
  199. @hduckworth: Your message must be in total alignment with who you are. Then you will fascinate. @SallyHogshead
  200. @DonCooper: YouTube reports 3 billion hours of video streamed per day. –@TerryBrock

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Two other resources are the handouts from the conference (at least, from the 8 presenters who were gracious enough to share materials) and the DVDs and CDs from the event available for purchase any day now.

I too attended virtually. Thanks for the curation Ian. I felt the Twitter feed resembled catching bits of conversation in the hall between sessions or at the lobby bar. In past years I could order the “Tapes” and download the Handouts to capture the essence of the conference. Twitter fulfilled it’s original mission as tool for Mobile PR.


Agree. I can relate to “bits of conversation in the lobby bar”. Some of the tweets were so cryptic you had to be there to make sense of them.

#201 @alisonrbcm: After today what other tips would you add to these to make tweeting from conventions more effective?

Alison’s suggestions should be required reading for all attendees who plan to tweet from #NSA13. Especially “why use the hashtag if the info is … unhelpful & unenlightening”. Having read all 6,664 tweets, there were more than a few I thought missed this point.

#202 @omekongo: Here’s a link to the poem I performed @ the convention called “Accelerate.”

#203 @Miss_Dazey: Excellent article by @thomsinger btw, he did a great job hosting the Learning Lounge .

#204 @CoachSeanC: Tip – Extract your top takeaways from your notes onto a list then pick the top 5 items you’ll implement now.

#205 marykellyspeaks: Fab pictures of Indianapolis and the NSA 2012 Convention.

Thanks, Ian. Great list. Glad you liked some of my tweets. We had a lot of virtual tweeters (people who weren’t there IRL). We had a wonderful time. Maybe you can join us IRL next year!

Love your idea and the golden nuggets you pulled.

BTW, what is your twitter handle? I want to share.

And, if we had had WIFI access, there would have been a LOT more tweets!

Hi Gina — My twitter handle is @cheshirelad


Thanks for compiling this list! I’m happy to have made a contribution. Hope to see you there next year!

#206 @DonCooper 12 sales tips from NSA12.

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