206 Top Tweets from #nsa10

The annual National Speakers Association Convention was held July 17 -20, 2010 at the Orlando World Center Marriott.

Over 1,500 professional speakers met for the four days and attended a series of main stage keynotes, break out sessions and informal workshops

Attendees generated over 4,300 tweets under the hashtag #nsa10. 3,100 of these were posted by 526 contributors during the week of the conference.

Whatthehashtag.com data for #nsa10

Twitter is ephemeral. It only maintains 10-14 days of content, so this information will soon disappear. However, here’s a useful permanent archive all of the tweets. It’s with deep gratitude to all the attendees who posted their messages that this content has been made available worldwide on Twitter. Thanks!

Building on an idea of listing of “top tweets” I’ve experimented with at other conferences, I’ve curated a list of 206 tweets I found most content-rich and interesting; adding links where appropriate for easy reference; consolidating others. Removing the re-tweets (RT’s) alone reduced the number of total tweets by 35%. The list below is in alphabetical order – no judgment is implied by being #1, #10 or #110.

I feel that this summary listing demonstrates the power of social media to capture elements of an event that would otherwise have been missed.

Please share your own experiences of the event in the blog comments (or on Twitter!). I apologize in advance if I omitted your favorite tweet – feel free to add it to the comments below.

(Oh, and a personal note of thanks to @marshaegan for #56.)


  1. @mpaynknoper: $30 billion eTraining Market. What an opportunity – @ginaschreck.
  2. @Ginaschreck: 1,000’s of Pro Spkrs make air even HOTTER in ORLANDO in July!
  3. @thomsinger: 17 countries are represented at the NSA convention (18 when you include Texas).
  4. @stephenshapiro: 24% of people on LinkedIn have a portfolio value over $250k – @rory_vaden.
  5. @Ginaschreck: 63% of marketing professionals said they’re more likely to attend conferences online than in person in 2010 (source: On24).
  6. @Ginaschreck: 83% of meeting planners see the need to add virtual elements to their meetings and events (source: Virtual Edge).
  7. @allankarl: A great keynote must have a strong thesis and strong structure – Peggy O’Neill.
  8. @TJatCAMPUSPEAK: A mime is opening the morning’s general session of the National Speakers Association. Ponder the irony.
  9. @bigkid: A movie is like life with all the dull parts left out – Alfred Hitchcock
  10. @PamGilchrist: A thousand followers does not make you a guru.
  11. @1000cranes: ABC Virus: 1) Attention 2) Blaming 3) Claiming / ABC Spirit: 1) Attraction 2) Believing 3) Commitment – Robert Benniga.
  12. @GetResults: Ain’t it the truth – “Professional speaking is a tough way to make an easy living.” – Scott Friedman (@FunnyScott)
  13. @bigkid: Airport bookstores primarily buy business books, regional, bestsellers, and children’s.
  14. @gsflive: Always add twitter hashtag to all marketing material of events you’re organizing! ex: http://bit.ly/c2Lnkt
  15. @soarwitheagles: Analyze competition’s strengths & vulnerabilities. Identify all critical elements for success – Pete Johnson.
  16. @goldasich: APPLIED knowledge is power – @Joachimdeposada.
  17. @SkullJuggler: Are you practicing to rehearse… or improve bad habits? – @PFripp.
  18. @hduckworth: Are you the spice or the core dish? Your fee will be influenced by this. You want to be the core dish – @RobertBradford
  19. @meredyth25: As a non-religious person, having a hard time with religious tones of general sessions at #nsa10. Feeling frustrated rather than inspired.
  20. @neenjames: As speakers we need to be the butlers for our meeting planners – Ruby Newell-Legner: @7StarService
  21. @GaryKushner: At speeches people are looking for help and ideas – @gitomer
  22. @Ginaschreck: Attendees need to learn to use twitter to share nuggets not just “great session” comments – @alisonrbcm.
  23. @sallyhogshead: Audiences will let you go over the line… if your content is good – @gitomer.
  24. @bigkid: Audio programs are bought by 70/30 M/F, 35-55, lives on a coast, commute, college, upwardly mobile, learning new skills.
  25. @Ginaschreck: Be a little weird & different to stand out. Don’t copy other people – @RobertBradford.
  26. @SellingChange: Be your publicist’s favorite client by giving them lots of video blogs – @tjwalker.
  27. @BeyondtheBrink: Being right is Insufficient for being effective – Steve Lishansky.
  28. @socialmedia_DDS: Branding tip: When networking, instead of sharing “What you do” share the 1) problems you solve & 2) benefits of working with you.
  29. @SkullJuggler: Bundle your teleseminar products into bigger packages of related things – @RebeccaMorgan.
  30. @soarwitheagles: Comment from a hotel guest in the elevator: The Nat’l Speakers Assoc are the best-dressed people in the hotel.
  31. @ThomAbbott: Conference Networking Tip: BlackBerry or iPhone is NOT your friend. Don’t bury your nose in technology during breaks!
  32. @thomsinger: Conference Networking Tip: do not memorize an elevator pitch about you. Memorize 3-5 questions to ask others. Get them talking.
  33. @thomsinger: Conference Networking Tip: sit with strangers at meals. Do not always be attached at the hip to those you already know.
  34. @thomsinger: Conference Networking Tip: top reason to attend conventions is “networking opportunities”, but many suck at it. Reach out to people.
  35. @dougdevitre: CraigsList job ad for you to use http://budurl.com/delegatethehow
  36. @tracykennard: Create natural attraction in social media through interest. Be authentic – @Rory_Vaden.
  37. @PamGilchrist: Define your editorial boundaries before you Tweet.
  38. @Ginaschreck: Do more of what you ROCK at & less of what you SUCK at – @RobertBradford. Hmmm sounds like recipe for success!
  39. @CoachJennie: Do you know about BlastFollow? I just followed all of the peeps talking about #nsa10 – sweet!
  40. @1000cranes: Don’t be too overwhelmed by what you’ve learned at NSA2010 – Eat Your Elephant one bite at a time – Rick Jakle (@RadioRick).
  41. @1000cranes: Don’t dilute your market with mixed content. Keep your content separate with separate blogs -Per NSA Bloggers.
  42. @SkullJuggler: Don’t put anything that does not reflect who you are really about. A bad video won’t hurt you if you are always genuine – @tjwalker.
  43. @dnewman: Each time you sell speaking or training, also sell coaching and followup svcs to ensure results – Steve Lishansky.
  44. @1000cranes: England generated some of the best users of the English language: W. Shakespeare, W. Churchill and Simon Cowell… – @MediaCoach.
  45. @SellingChange: Everyone is learning social media–beware of “experts”- Chris Brogan.
  46. @SkullJuggler: Find a quick, easy way to add contact info in the video: graphics, backdrop with the website in the background, etc – @tjwalker.
  47. @Style_Matters: Finish your speech by giving the audience something to do or think about, and tie it back to your intro.
  48. @TJatCAMPUSPEAK: For too many, social media is recycling others’ thoughts. Tons of broadcasting, but too little conversation/original output.
  49. @bigkid: Fripp: you were so good today that I could DANCE to your talk…Speak in rhythm – @PFripp.
  50. @Ginaschreck: Get rid of the commas – you are NOT an expert on 5 different things – @RobertBradford.
  51. @hduckworth: Give help, hope, money, and answers – @gitomer.
  52. @BeyondtheBrink: Give your best lines to the other characters of your speech – @PFripp.
  53. @soarwitheagles: Go from selling to positioning. Why should I do biz with you? When I think of what you sell, do I think if you? – Nido Quibein.
  54. @paulwandrew: Go through the pain of discipline now, or later in life you will suffer the pain of regret – @Joachimdeposada.
  55. @SkullJuggler: Go to Google and type your keyword. Then go to YouTube and type your keyword. YouTube has LESS COMPETITION – @tjwalker
  56. @marshaegan: Great meet the Pros session w/Ian Griffin – Use LinkedIn polls in advance of speech to pre-engage audience, get stats.
  57. @mpaynknoper: Great men are measured by how they treat small men – says du Plessis from African wisdom. Important message for many at #nsa10 to remember.
  58. @SellingChange: Great video about Speaker’s Corner at #nsa10 – Watch the video, then stand on the soap box next week at the conference!
  59. @richdigirolamo: Have you actually read the twitter terms of use? Facebook? LinkedIn? You should – @FrancineWard.
  60. @SkullJuggler: Homework: go home, do one video, and post it! Use the news and give an opinion – @tjwalker.
  61. @bigkid: HootSuite connected to 22 accounts that led to 6,600 impression with one status update, downloading now!
  62. @alisonrbcm: Hope the blogggers at the bloggers breakfast will blog their learning and insight from #nsa10 – @BethMRamsay.
  63. @SkullJuggler: How can I offer something different that isn’t already free on the web? – @RebeccaMorgan.
  64. @TJatCAMPUSPEAK: How many minutes do you listen to a relationships speaker before you start noticing that he/she is completely hetero-centric?
  65. @doncooper: How Tweetable are your slides? – @gitomer.
  66. @soarwitheagles: How you change is how you achieve. Two ways to success in biz: dominate the market or create a niche – Nido Quibein.
  67. @Ginaschreck: Husband: Test to see who loves you more … wife or dog. Lock both in trunk for 2 hours open & see who’s happier to see you.
  68. @delwilliams: I like the speaker at #nsa10 who said you are not an expert at five things, so focus on what you are an expert in.
  69. @soarwitheagles: I miss Dale Irvin’s recaps at #nsa10 meetings. Know he’s edgy but he’s OMG funny. Bring him back next year?
  70. @sallyhogshead: If you *suck* in real life, you will *suck* online – @Rory_Vaden.
  71. @rory_vaden: I’m always amazed at how people at #nsa10 who are so much more successful than me take time to help me.
  72. @bigkid: I’m grateful for my hands today, what are you grateful for that you’ve taken for granted? – @chadhymas.
  73. @PamGilchrist: Is Twitter the biggest bird on the table; no it’s part of a great buffet of tools that work together to grow your business.
  74. @Style_Matters: It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech – Mark Twain.
  75. @doncooper: It’s what speakers do OFF the platform that makes them great – @chadhymas.
  76. @allankarl: Judge effectiveness of a speaker by how many times you look at your watch when he/she is speaking.
  77. @Ginaschreck: Keep fluffy non tangible stuff out of your marketing material – @RobertBradford.
  78. @CindyWMorrison: Keep Tweets clean and bright with TidyTweet.
  79. @stephenshapiro: Key to successful business: don’t trust other people, verify.
  80. @dnewman: LinkedIn: Cruise thru one prospects or clients network to find more prospects in their industry or sphere – @Rory_Vaden.
  81. @dnewman: Linkedin: Find common people and mention THEIR connections as 10 second phone call opener – @Rory_Vaden.
  82. @SkullJuggler: Look at news for the day, find something that relates to your area, do a quick video with your opinion, then send it out – @tjwalker.
  83. @1000cranes: Make sure you represent yourself truthfully. If you didn’t earn a certification/degree, you shouldn’t claim it (i.e. MBA, PhD, etc.)
  84. @TheBulletman: Marketing is great. Sales activity is important. But getting good on stage will get u booked more often than the others – @Ginaschreck.
  85. @soarwitheagles: Maybe it’s what speakers do OFF the platform that gives them the greatest presence ON the platform – @chadhymas.
  86. @WellConnectLead: Million dollar speakers focus on repeatability, scalability and flexibility of their biz.
  87. @soarwitheagles: NSA President Phillip Van Hooser just recognized the huge # of 1st-time attendees. Serious about the biz? This is the org to join.
  88. @sallyhogshead: Offer online training to your customers. You can speak to a 100 people, or, you can train a million – @gitomer.
  89. @SkullJuggler: Open with second best song and end with the best song – grab the audience with the first one and lead them to the next thing.
  90. @CindyWMorrison: Our non-verbal signals not only liberate us … they liberate others – Michael Grinder. Wow!
  91. @doncooper: People are looking for THEIR answers not YOUR answers – @gitomer.
  92. @feistywoman: People don’t want information. They want epiphanies – Sam Horn.
  93. @SkullJuggler: Photos are great to help slides – emotion, humor, story, and lessons – @gitomer.
  94. @neenjames: Place laptop on a box (shoe box)if you are using video – more flattering (no chins!) and you look up at it – @Ginaschreck.
  95. @alisonrbcm: Please encourage more speakers to tell audience their Twitter name at start to maximise opps for those not there to find out more.
  96. @SkullJuggler: Populate your stories with flesh and blood characters that the audience can relate to.
  97. @soarwitheagles: Pete Johnson: To compete w/ free industry speakers, pro spkrs have to deliver better content, platform skills, higher quality extras.
  98. @sallyhogshead: PowerPoint is a presentation tool, not a presentation maker – @gitomer.
  99. @LiveYourBrand: Presentation tip: The longer the time you speak to people, the slower you should speak – Michael Grinder.
  100. @CoachJennie: Pro speakers have nervous butterflies before speaking…they just fly in formation – Gary Rifkin.
  101. @allankarl: Proactive communication is key to preventing problems when working with speaking bureaus.
  102. @neenjames: Productivity tip: bring your Flip and collect video testimonials of your session or survey speakers for comments.
  103. @bigkid: Publishing is finally changing after 580 years of Gutenberg style printing, also sell your Kindle, buy an iPad! – @clintgreenleaf.
  104. @SellingChange: Put Social Media icons on your WordPress site with http://www.wibiya.com@dougdevitre.
  105. @SkullJuggler: Put the words you care about the most in your title, keywords, description, and in the video – @tjwalker.
  106. @allankarl: Rehearsal is the work. Performance is the relaxation – Michael Caine.
  107. @hduckworth: Secret to stories 1. Live life 2. Pay attention 3. Take good notes – Jean Gatz.
  108. @stephenshapiro: Seven-figure business owners are implementers,innovative, passionate, focused, risk takers, persistent and resilient – Bill Bachrach.
  109. @cheshirelad: So why *should* speakers care about Social Media? Watch this video and find out why.
  110. @hduckworth: Social media is the new cold call – @gitomer
  111. @soarwitheagles: Some speakers at #nsa10 attend in character or wear their branded apparel. Seen Will Rogers, Forrest Gump, Ben Franklin, & Doctor Finance.
  112. @bigkid: Speak to be remembered and repeated – @PFripp (Maybe tweeting is good practice for speaking.)
  113. @allankarl: Speakers shouldn’t be speaking about stuff they should still be in therapy for – Stef du Plessi.
  114. @MediaJess: Speaking is not what you do. It is the delivery mechanism @gitomer for what you think – Scott Ginsburg.
  115. @rory_vaden: Speaking tip: I invest an hour to edit 8 words to 5 – Seinfeld.
  116. @HansRuinemans: Stef du Plessis: “There are no neutral choices, you leave a trail.” – How true.
  117. @SkullJuggler: Structure is the skeleton under the flesh of your words. This is how you tidy up the creative mess.
  118. @sallyhogshead: Success is never owned. It is only rented. And the rent is due every day – @Rory_Vaden.
  119. @doncooper: Surprise your customers w/quality – price doesn’t matter.
  120. @SkullJuggler: Talk to interpreter before your talk to get your humor right to international audiences – @gitomer.
  121. @larrychiang: Text messaging changes Q&A. You don’t need social media to do a better job with Q&A. Its no longer at the end. Its during.
  122. @hashalbum: The 50th photo was just added to the #nsa10 hash album! http://hashalbum.com/nsa10
  123. @SkullJuggler: The average YouTube video has 3 views total – @tjwalker.
  124. @SkullJuggler: The first 30 seconds and last 30 seconds are the most important in a speech.
  125. @DrTinz: The lighting for the stage in the grand ballroom is lousy.
  126. @BrianOMalleyCSP: The measure of a great man is not how he tweets great men, but how he tweets small men.
  127. @doncooper: The more directly what you sell relates to sex, happiness or money, the higher your fees can be – @RobertBradford.
  128. @goldasich: The more ego you bring into the room, the less your audience will take away – Stef du Plessis.
  129. @doncooper: The most important element of success is the ability to delay gratification – @Joachimdeposada.
  130. @Style_Matters: The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t being said – Anon.
  131. @SkullJuggler: The most important thing we all must learn to do is EDIT.
  132. @bigkid: The opening chapter sells this book, the closing chapter sells the next book – @PFripp
  133. @SkullJuggler: The point is to repeat the central theme/key phrases in speeches.
  134. @SkullJuggler: The secret: tagging frequently and creating good content – @RebeccaMorgan.
  135. @LiveYourBrand: The weirder your uniqueness, the more money you can make as an expert and speaker – @RobertBradford.
  136. @preciseselling: There is too much focus on social media among pro speakers. Does this tweet make me a hypocrite?!
  137. @SkullJuggler: Think about how you can speak to the camera as if speaking to a reporter; speak for 60 – 120 seconds – @tjwalker.
  138. @PamGilchrist: Think of Twitter as a small part of a larger conversation.
  139. @BethMRamsay: This conference is like a pillow fight gone out of control – there’s feathers everywhere! – Forrest Gump.
  140. @TJatCAMPUSPEAK: Tip for #nsa10 veterans. Every time you drop a name at the mic, you widen the division between you and the newer attendee.
  141. @MOSTraining: Tip: preschedule tweets of high points of your presentation and have them stream out during your presentation.
  142. @Ginaschreck: To find great story ideas simply live your life, pay attention & take good notes – Jean Gatz.
  143. @Ginaschreck: Toughest crowds to speak to: Jr High School students & professional speakers!
  144. @bigkid: Tracy Williams got a speaking gig at the White House by leaving phone # and website at end of audio program!
  145. @SkullJuggler: Transcribe your speeches and go through them critically. Circle unnecessary words and get rid of them.
  146. @Ginaschreck: Trend right now is smaller meetings. If your market is one that is shrinking its time to shift! – @RobertBradford.
  147. @Rickun: Try replacing conference calls with Skype video. It’s faster, more intimate, and more likely to result in success.
  148. @TheSalesHunter: Turn blog content into a book – @RebeccaMorgan.
  149. @delwilliams: Tweeting at a conference isn’t rude its reporting – @bethemedia.
  150. @PamGilchrist: Tweets should focus on your thought leadership, not your cat’s hairball.
  151. @PamGilchrist: Twitter can help you extend the life of your speech. Use pre- and post-Tweets.
  152. @PamGilchrist: Twitter combined with Google natural search instantly raises your profile.
  153. @stephenshapiro: Twitter is like teenage sex. Everyone wants to do it but no one knows how – @Rory_Vaden (quoting someone else).
  154. @bigkid: Use http://rhymer.com/ to create phrases with alliteration – @PFripp
  155. @marshaegan: Use http://whostalkin.com to monitor your brand on Social Media – Dr. Maurice Ramirez (@renaissancedoc).
  156. @BeyondtheBrink: Use lists in Social Media to reduce the noise to improve ur listening – @Rory_Vaden.
  157. @SkullJuggler: Use slides to help your presentation, not make it – @gitomer.
  158. @jeffkorhan: Use social media to be a fly in the wall – @mauriceramirez.
  159. @BeyondtheBrink: Use the advanced search function in LinkedIn for prospects – @rory_vaden.
  160. @PamGilchrist: Use the back channel to converse and collaborate with tools like http://www.tweetscan.com
  161. @LiveYourBrand: Using Gestures – Use two handed gesture when your point is twice as important – Michael Grinder.
  162. @mpaynknoper: Virtual events allow delivery of training at best times for attendees, delivery of tools they need in customized way. Add component.
  163. @HansRuinemans: Wanna know a secret to speak better? Go to Resources at http://www.stefduplessis.com and use the codeword ‘africanwisdom’.
  164. @CindyWMorrison: Want to assume position of authority.. Put weight on both feet. Want to be approachable? Weight to one foot – Michael Grinder.
  165. @sallyhogshead: Want to be a professional speaker? Start for free: Rotary Club, Kiwanis, civic clubs. And, write every week – @gitomer.
  166. @LiveYourBrand: Want to get your content and information distributed around the world? iTunes University learn anything.
  167. @BertVerdonck: We hired your for the fun, but paid your for the content – Mike McKinley.
  168. @smaxbrown: We just had a prayer with @chadhyams back stage. He is truly inspiring…and here we go.
  169. @stephenshapiro: We like captain crunch over oat bran. Flavor over fuel. Feedback is fuel. It just doesn’t always taste great – Shari Harley.
  170. @mpaynknoper: Webinars now like conference calls. Need to be really, really good or make it interactive through immersive environment – @ginaschreck.
  171. @SkullJuggler: Webinars: corporate gets it, keep engaged, raise hands. Con: MUST have Internet and device – @RebeccaMorgan.
  172. @allankarl: What are the five memorable moments of your speech? All successful speeches have them. Does yours?
  173. @paulwandrew: What if your Career & your Cause were two Clydesdale horses? Harness them together & they’ll pull 5 times what either one could alone.
  174. @neenjames: When a woman is stressed out she has to talk about it or her brain will explode – @markgungor.
  175. @Style_Matters: When delivering a speech, begin at center stage. Moving around livens up your delivery but don’t leave any part of the room out.
  176. @LiveYourBrand: When presenting, do not move any part of your body while pausing. Don’t move until you start talking again – Michael Grinder.
  177. @LiveYourBrand: When speaking professionally, hand gestures help us make a good first impression or can be a distraction – Michael Grinder.
  178. @DonCooper: When you ask for feedback, be willing to hear the answers – Shari Harley.
  179. @SkullJuggler: When you focus on your audience, you must have transformed your speech to muscle memory.
  180. @SkullJuggler: When you post to your blog regularly, your rankings will go higher because you always have fresh content – @RebeccaMorgan.
  181. @1000cranes: When you’re blogging, keep them short. Don’t have a “”toilet paper page”” have a “”read more…”” link instead.
  182. @Ginaschreck: Wisdom from @Schrecklet “”The hardest part of Nat’l Spkrs Convention is having to be SUPER enthusiastic all the time!”” SO TRUE.
  183. @WorldRider: Women: if you want something from man ask for it–more than once & the right way – http://ow.ly/i/2GJn@markgungor.
  184. @allankarl: Words I heard most at #nsa10 “What can do for you? How can I help you?” For this 1st timer, I’m blown away. Thank you!
  185. @Ginaschreck: Words mean diff things to men & women. “5 minutes” means 5 min to men. It means less than an hour to women – @markgungor.
  186. @TaraDiversi: Work for yourself, not by yourself. #nsa10 community.
  187. @SkullJuggler: Would people stand in the rain to see your speech?
  188. @allankarl: Wow! I had no idea. But Robert Fripp, the virtuoso guitarist of King Crimson fame, is @PFripp‘s brother.
  189. @SellingChange: You are the curator for your audience -> Sort of sad. “You don’t have to be creator of great content; you have to be the *conduit*” – @Rory_Vaden.
  190. @amandajohnsSWC: You don’t have to create a great message to be a conduit of a great message – @Rory_Vaden.
  191. @MediaJess: You don’t need permission from anybody to be great – Brad Barton.
  192. @SkullJuggler: You don’t need the best speech coach in the world, but someone who knows more than you.
  193. @bigkid: You give your best lines to OTHER characters. Give them credit – @PFripp.
  194. @allankarl: You have to get messy before you get tidy – @PFripp on speech prep creative process.
  195. @SkullJuggler: You must have different versions of our speech in case circumstances outside of your control change your timing.
  196. @GetResults: You offer your brand to the world, the world decides, refines, allowing your brand to takes on its true identity.
  197. @SkullJuggler: Your audience will remember what they “see” the pictures you paint for them in your speech.
  198. @doncooper: Your audience won’t remember your PowerPoint bullets, but they will remember your stories – Jean Gatz.
  199. @bigkid: Your best marketing is your speech, so work on your speech, not on your marketing!
  200. @tracykennard: Your blog is your central hub. Everything should feed it – @Rory_Vaden.
  201. @TheSalesHunter: Your competition is not others it’s others not knowing you – @visibilitycoach.
  202. @SkullJuggler: Your fee is in your head. Double your fee and raise it every year – @gitomer.
  203. @WorldRider: Your life is not your material – Stef du Plessi.
  204. @bigkid: You’re better off taking money and playing craps than hitting it big in book publishing – @clintgreenleaf.
  205. @SkullJuggler: You’re not having a bad day, you’re having a bad slide. Wrong pics on the Internet are a risk and make you a fool – @gitomer.
  206. @SkullJuggler: YouTube as your base. Most people go there for video 60-80% videos viewed there – @tjwalker.

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Fabulous summary of Rory Vaden’s SRO presentation on Social Media that sells in Colleen Francis’ blog

This summary is awesome. Thanks Ian, for taking/making the time to share it.

Thanks Ian, for posting this. It is a great recap of the nuggets of wisdom! And I’m flattered that I had a bunch of people tweet during my session.

A hot tip list, Ian. Thanks for putting it all together!

That Orlando air must’ve SIZZLED! What a smashing collection of on-the-fly thinking. Thanks again to NSA NC’s own Ian Griffin @cheshirelad.

Here’s some Scandalous Tid-Bits from the Convention by the instructive humorist Larry Chiang.

Cloning at Convention – not an option. Reading these interpretations and actions valuable. Thank you. Jolene Brown, 2010 Convention Vice-Chair, #nsa10

Great list Ian! I was tweeting right along during the meeting but still managed to miss a lot of these great nuggets. Thanks for creating and sharing this list!

Thank You for your generous giving of time and effort to create this awesome summary of valuable and life impacting information. You’re awesome!

Deana Goldasich (@goldasich)shares 10 Keeper Quotes from NSA 2010

Here’s Kevin Lerner’s 2010 NSA Convention video

Shawn Ellis created an ebook of 2,937 tweets from nsa10

Nice post, Ian — you can really feel the energy in these tweets, and get a glimpse of the great content that was shared at NSA10, too. Thanks for linking over to my post, by the way!

Here’s the NSA source page for the convention photos, recordings, handouts and more…

Thanks for the synopsis. Great tips!

Here’s video of Joachim de Posada at TED giving pretty much the same presentation he gave at #nsa10. Includes priceless footage of the kids who were told “Don’t eat the marshmallow, yet.”

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