Our Writing Services Make a Difference


Many brilliant executives have difficulty communicating their vision. That’s where our services make a difference. Whether it’s a keynote speech, media interview, a presentation, meeting, or new product introduction, we help individuals deliver key messages with energy and enthusiasm.



A keynote speech needs to bring your messages to life in order to connect, motivate and inspire the audience. You need to deliver a speech that drives business results. Our planning process will help you develop the right content. Content that will help you make the vital connection with your audience.


Content Development

We create content for keynote speeches, video scripts, corporate and product brochures, success stories, data sheets, direct mail and newsletters. Our process combines big-picture, strategic thinking with a specific, step-by-step approach to content development.


Services include:

  • Research, fact checking, creative development and writing
  • Definitions of desired outcomes
  • Audience analysis and response evaluation
  • Newsworthy content that moves the audience to action
  • Consistency in visual communication
  • Graphics creation and delivery


Presentation Skills Coaching

We work to uncover your unique impact so you command the audience’s attention.

 Coaching will give you:

  • A deeper understanding of how you are perceived by others
  • Greater awareness of what makes an effective style
  • An orientation for developing more effective, results-oriented content

Vision Pitch

A Vision Pitch is a sales presentation that communicates your company’s key message. Typically 10-20 slides, its purpose is to summarize the key message of the company. Often delivered as an ‘elevator pitch’ to new prospects, a good Vision and Strategy presentation dramatically affects sales and impacts the bottom line.


Services include:

  • Interview key executives and subject matter experts
  • Synthesize information to develop concise content
  • Create graphics for the presentation
  • Write accompanying speaker notes
  • Coach in delivery style