NSA Blog Review 3: The Dating Goddess – Adventures in Dating After 40

OK, I’ve decided to drop the predictable sequence for these blog reviews. Rather than proceeding down the Blogroll, I’ll choose candidates to review randomly and keep everyone guessing who I’ll choose next. Adding additional spice to the current review is the fact that I’m taking a look at one of the few anonymous blogs posted by a member of the National Speakers Association.

The Dating Goddess’s Adventures in Dating After 40


Blogging since: May 8, 2006
Posting Frequency: Daily
Post Length: 500 words average
Aesthetic Appeal: Clean, uncluttered WordPress template. Abbreviating posts adds to readability.
Graphics: None
Categories: Attitude, BBW dating, Dating after 40, Dating chemistry, Dating Internet, Dating online, Greeting your date, Meeting your date, Releasing your date, Senior dating.
Blogroll: 13 NSA friends, including mine – thanks DG!
Target Audience: Single women over 40.
Comments allowed: Yes
Trackbacks: Yes
Alexa.com traffic ranking: N/A
Sites that link to this blog: N/A
Yahoo Links: 127


This is a hugely successful blog! It’s doubly intriguing to review. First, the anonymous “Dating Goddess” bills herself as “a 51-year-old white, professional woman. My husband of nearly 20 years left me 3 years ago and I started dating 18 months ago.” She claims to have been on over 60 dates in that time (phew!). Second, she bills the blog as for women only. So (as a happily married 54-year-old male) I feel like I am eavesdropping at the door of the women’s room when reading the posts of the DG.

I am in fact privy to her actual identity, but honor-bound not to reveal it, except to confirm she’s a bona-fide NSA member in good standing, and hence qualifies for this review.

Despite not finding any stats on alexa.com her blog has been listed by WordPress.com as one of the fastest growing on the internet – moving to 37th position on their list.

The DG is able to keep up a furious level of activity (seven dates with six guys in five days) because she is very much a DG of the 21st Century: on-line internet enabled introductions are the wellspring of her love-life. She uses her blog as a water-cooler where the girls can share stories of their hunt for the elusive Mr. Right. The DG is unabashed:

My idea of dating has been like going to Baskin-Robbins. I had vanilla for 20 years (maybe it was Rocky Road at the end!). While I enjoyed vanilla, I want to try new flavors. I didn’t want to jump from vanilla and make a commitment to butter pecan without having at least had a little taste of pistachio, chocolate, mint chip, etc.

So I made the list of men I would like to try. I like smart men, so wanted to try a lawyer, doctor, CEO, and venture capitalist. I like larger men, so wanted to try an ex-pro football player and ex-pro basketball player. I love men with accents, so wanted to try some from other countries. You get the picture. I had dates with all of the above, and more.

Her readers are a vocal lot. She often gets 7-10 comments on a post.

She is aware of the risks of today’s single lifestyle:

So beware. The dating dance can be habit forming. Watch out if you find yourself constantly searching the dealers (online dating sites), and be careful of doing things you know are not in your best interest (dating a guy you know isn’t a good match) just to get your high.

She faces the hard facts of STD’s (Sexually transmitted diseases) as well as dealing with the lighter side of dating:

  • Does he make my feet curl?
  • Long-distance suitors.
  • In search of the elusive good kisser.
  • Getting naked with him the first time.
  • In terms of suggestions for how the DG could improve her blog I have none, absolutely zilch. Perhaps a few single women would care the leave comments below (I’ll be sure to pass them on the DG).

    I do wonder what kind of Goddess she is? Venus on the half-shell? Isis, kneeling before the coffin? The thousand-eyed, thousand-armed bodhisattva Kwan Yin, consoling all beings, or the Mother Shakti, the primal energy of the universe, ready to chop your head off?

    I also wonder what a blog written by a man who’d had sixty dates in a few months would read like? Less an honest appraisal of the pitfalls and advantages of internet dating and more a listing of the techniques to get laid found in The Game?

    I wish the DG god speed and hope her blog has a short life-span. Hopefully, she finds Mr. Right and is able to move on to the Bride-to-Be blog, the Honeymooner’s blog and the Newlywed’s blog. Meanwhile , if you are a single woman looking for love in all the wrong places check out the Dating Goddess, she’ll set you on the right track.

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    Nicely done Ian-Thanks for all your work!

    Great review, Ian. The Dating Goddess must be proud–and her blog is certainly moving right along.

    Congrats to you, DG.

    Ian, DG does do good. I checked her blog and found many people commented on it.

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