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On Tuesday July 10th I hosted a ‘Birds of a Feather’ meeting on Blogging at the National Speakers Association annual Convention in San Diego.

Kim Snider Rebecca Morgan

We started the meeting with around ten people in the room. By the end we had an audience of over 35 people interested in blogging. About 70% already had a blog. The panel consisted of myself, Rebecca Morgan and Kim Snider.

The podcast below is the full hour-long audio of the meeting. Since this is a LONG podcast, you might prefer to choose the Download option (right click and ‘Save Link As’) rather than listen to it all now.

The first 30 minutes are the panel explaining their approach to blogging. The last half-hour is a discussion with the audience who raised questions on:

  • How to understand RSS feeds?
  • How often should a blogger post updates?
  • Will blogs replace eZines?
  • Can you build a whole website in WordPress?
  • Should we hold a professional speakers ‘Blog Carnival’?
  • Plus much, much more.

    Sites referenced in the discussion include:

  • Ian Griffin’s Blog: Professionally Speaking
  • Rebecca Morgan’s Blog: Grow Your Key Talent
  • The Dating Goddess: Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40
  • Kim Snider’s Blog: Kimmunications
  • Kim Snider’s Other Blog: The Snider Insider
  • Jason Kotecki: Escape Adulthood
  • To join the Yahoo Group for NSA Bloggers:

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    Listen in on a fascinating discussion on blogging by some of the world’s pre-eminent professional speakers. Click on the podcast icon below.

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    Thanks to Ian, Kim, and Rebecca for this session. What a delight to get home and have the ability to listen to it again!

    Sounded a great session at the NSA – I wish I could have been there, but sadly (or perhaps not…!) I was being paid to speak that week….. so I couldn’t get out to San Diego!

    Lots of interesting points in the podcast and some useful tips. Well worth listening to. Thanks for organising this session and letting those of us who weren’t there listen to it.

    Only one thing I’d disagree with – the comment about Blogger. The audience was told that Blogger blogs are hosted on Not quite true – plenty of blogger blogs are not hosted at For instance, my internet psychologist blog is hosted on my own site yet it is a managed site. You can do this, but it needs a bit of technical wizardry that isn’t really explained well by Blogger. So perhaps that’s why people think blogs must be hosted at Blogger.

    I’m a fan of Blogger because of it’s simplicity meaning I can do several different blogs quickly.


    Thanks for putting so much time into making this blogger group happen and for getting this session on the program. One veteran speaker (a past president and CSP) said it was the best session of the conference! And it wasn’t even in the program.

    I’ve learned so much from my colleagues in the blogger listserv I was glad I could give back a bit and share what I’ve learned from them and from fooling around with my blogs. I’m grateful for all the input and advice my colleagues have so willingly shared.

    It sounds like the session was a hit! Nice work! It’d be great if you could present in a Mega Concurrent Session in NY next August. There is a real hunger for this information, that’s for sure. Thanks for all that you’re doing!

    Please add to your roll of NSA bloggers. Sorry to have missed the in-person meeting. I was at the conference but didn’t know of the session. Next time!

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