Ed Rigsbee – Explains the ins and outs of the Cigar PEG

Cigar PEG Every night when the speeches and awards end, the bar closes and the majority of NSA Members are tucked up in bed dreaming of miles of aisles, there’s only one place left to party, network, grab a drink or three and enjoy a stogie: the private suite where the Cigar PEG meets. The idea of a Cigar PEG (a PEG in NSA-speak is a “Professional Expert Group”) originated in 1998 by chairperson and chief party animal Ed Rigsbee. This year the Cigar PEG hosted a fantastic party aboard the USS Midway as well as their open-bar suite in Room 477 at the hotel.

Ed and his Cigar PEG colleagues offer people an opportunity to unwind after a busy day at the convention. The $75 membership fee and the monies raised by the various auctions go toward charity.

For a complete background on the Cigar PEG, including photo galleries of members enjoying life, visit their website. If you plan to attend the 2008 convention in New York City and want to avoid paying $7 for well drinks at the hotel bar, consider joining the Cigar PEG. Do the math.

Click on the podcast icon below to hear Ed share his views on the value of the Cigar PEG.

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Truer words were never spoken. At least not by Ed. Seriously, I wouldn’t have my CSP if it weren’t for the Cigar PEG – it’s the best networking event of the convention!

Ian: Well done! I really liked the interview about the Cigar PEG, http://www.cigarpeg.com. Thanks,

You asked for some feedback on my Katrina experience. In a nutchell I had run out of money, my charge cards were frozen, and i had no idea where our next meal would come from, literally. NSA Foundation sent a check in 16 hours and got me through until my finances were straight again. I owe so much to NSA and the Foundation

I met Cathy Cane at the Peg functions, but never got contact info. Do you know how I can reach her?

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